What is E36 Training?

E36 Training is a program that is designed to enhance the Core, Heart and Mind. E36 incorporates the three most important functions of the body and trains them to lead, guide, and direct the body as a whole; furthermore creating a sharper and stronger you. Our program has three (3) components that are essential for overall improvement in any area of your life. We focus first on the mental strength, your mind, to become conditioned for “Right Thinking” and then press forward to strengthen the heart .We facilitate the heart to tap into passion, will and determination already possessed inside, enlightening our logo slogan “GET RIGHT”. Now the last component, the core, will be able to endure the most rigorous training and endeavors in order to support the body to unimaginable levels. E36 Training will have then train your full body to become stronger and stable in every area for total success. These components put together are all the necessary ingredients in order to truly “GET FIT”, the latter part of our slogan.  The E36 Training goal is to double your core, heart and mind; doubling the 3 components signifying the 3 to 6 in E36 Training.Now that you know who we are and what we are, are you ready to “GET RIGHT, GET FIT”?

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